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Fitness for Every Health Level

Strength. Flexibility. Range of Motion. Improved Posture and Mobility. Endurance. Balance. Well-being.

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For women and men of all ages. Essentrics® is a dynamic, full body workout that rebalances the body by strengthening muscles in their elongated position, using the body’s weight.
Body Shaping

Defines the waist. Creates toned, lean and strong arms. Slenderizes thighs and quads. Creates flat, defined abs. Improves posture. Lifts the butt.

Health & Performance

Stretches to increase flexibility. Helps relieve pain. Unlocks tight muscles and joints. Strengthens the spine and core. Exercise boosts the immune system

Age-defying Workout

Creates a youthful feeling body. Reawakens muscles. Relieves chronic pain and stiffness. Boosts energy and metabolism.

Athletic Improvement

Improves agility and speed for sports. Supports injury prevention. Helps speed up recovery time through increased blood flow.

Classes for Everyone

Come and Join the Fun! 

Fluid Spine

Improves posture; Strengthens core; Reduces 

back pain

Dynamic Stretch Workout

Stretches to increase flexibility; Lengthens the muscles while strengthening them; Rebalances the full body 

Pliés - Wrapped Arms

Core strengthening; Balance; Greater range of motion; Improved strength in the ankles and feet

Happy Customers

Low Impact

My Essentrics workout with Candace was great. I was doubtful that I could get through an hour, but it was really low impact, and the stretches were not difficult. It worked my muscles, and I felt great the next day.                I'd recommend this for anyone who gets discouraged easily with workouts.

Johnetta Dillard


I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you invited me to join your Essentrics class! I haven’t done any real exercises in years, and it felt great to move and stretch after so long. I’m looking forward to more of your classes because I can see where they will definitely benefit me. My neck and trapezius muscles already feel less tight. Following along was easy, especially with your verbal pictures of how we should be performing the movements. Thanks again!

Bev Hunt

New Paradigm

Whether we know it or not acknowledge it or not choose it or not we are in a new Paradigm..it is not coming it is here.The old Paradigm of separation..walls..constriction...protection...are slowly disintegrating and rising like Ash in a forgotten fire. In many ways Essentrics is a metaphor for this new Earth...strength through opening...elegant purposeful movement that allows the body's wisdom to fuel its direction..and a unique and intuitive understanding of the power inherent in harmony. Essentrics is a gift of this new Paradigm and Candace is a focused and gentle guide...a bridge..to a practice and idea whose time has come. It is no coincidence...Highly recommended.

Wayne Stover

Half Marathon

Great combination of a fluid but challenging workout - really helped me when I was preparing for a half marathon

Allison Stover

Patient Teacher

I tried the Essentrics with Candace. It helps to build core strength and reduce stress. It is a good workout and can be done by people in different levels of fitness. I do pilates and it has similarities. Candace is a good and patient teacher.

Fran Norflus


I look forward to Essentrics with Candace. The class provides a great stretch and works all of the muscles in the body. I no longer have neck and shoulder pain, and my posture has improved so much that I have grown a half inch. My flexibility has never been better!

Susan Hillson


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